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Computers have changes throughout the years.  At first computers were the biggest things you’ve ever seen.  From the portable to the personal desktop they were huge.  Throughout the years the computer has changed for the better.  Certain computers got a little less bigger .  The design of computers now are slick and slim.  The designers of computers are brilliant.  Now computers are super skinny from before.  Even now they are still getting skinnier by the year.  Now we don’t have to lug around a huge laptop or use half a desk up for a desktop computer.  I find that amazing how technology has emerged for computers over the past several years.  Even the keys to the keyboard have certainly changes drastically.  I appreciate the designers as artists to make the computers different over the years.  The other artistic things that computers have are colors.  Especially laptops have many different colors on them.  You can create many different designs on the exterior of the laptop now.  That is very art inspiration to many people now.  They can have their favorite colors or favorite design that they want.  Many art aspects are on the exterior of the laptops.  I think the other art aspect of computers is how they are designed.  That is art itself they are so nice looking and built for modern day use now.  They don’t take up a lot of room and you can personalize it now to what you want.  The most art inspiration anyone can have is their own personal computer.  There are many art aspects of the computer now in modern day computers and that is why I picked this as an art inspiration. 


I have seen many mountains in my lifetime.  There are so many out there in the country.  They are the biggest hill type areas ever.  Each mountain has a different characteristic that makes it its own.  Many of them have lots of trees and fur trees within the hills.  Out of these many mountains the ones I have seen the most are the rocky mountains.  They are one of the largest mountains in the United States.  There are so many cool characteristics that I’ve seen in here.  The trees and the land with multiple mountains behind each other.  It just looks so awesome in person.  I have seen these many times when I was younger because I have been on train rides through the rocky mountains several times.  There are several lakes that you can see in these which are so beautiful.  The lakes look pure blue and looks so nice with the mountains around it.  I loved passing through the rocky mountains.  They look pretty and have a pure art feel to them.  The other cool parts about mountains are when there is snow caps on them.  Snow is pretty itself and put that in with the mountains you have wonderful art combinations.  That is why I think mountains are art inspiration because of the many elements that are so pretty.  The mountains, trees, lakes, snow, etc make it an art inspiration together.  That is why I think mountains are art because they have so many beautiful elements inside them.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field is one of the most famous NFL stadiums in the league.  It is one of the oldest stadiums out there too.  However, it has changes throughout the generations.  Now it is a beautiful stadium that was renovated.  The inside is still the most historic bowl ever.  The bowl is dug into the ground and all around the stadium until the box seats.  Right now its probably the only stadium with just a bowl in the NFL, everyone else has at lease some upper deck seats.  So, the inside is the best experience of any stadium for fans and players.  The outside now is really beautiful.  The outside has a brick all around the outside.  This beautiful brick outside matches an old style like stadium look.  It has the packers logo etched into some stone in pillars around the stadium.  The inside also has a new atrium in it which is also beautiful.  Lambeau Field is a work of art within itself.  That is why thousands to millions of people visit it every day and because of its historic past.  I think this stadium is an inspiration to go see for anyone who loves football.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration to me because it is art that everyone has to see.  It is a beautiful stadium inside to out.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration for art.


Yet again with another Christmas thing.  It is the Christmas time of season now.  Lots of people decorate their houses for the Christmas season.  One thing that you may see in someone’s home is Christmas villages.  These are little model houses that portray houses, stores, churches, etc.  You set up these houses to form a little village with often a lot of snow on the ground.  People like my mom can paint these houses with craft paint to add the details to some that aren’t already color.  Then you set up all these little buildings in order and it looks so cool.  Next you have little figures, trees, objects, etc to finish off the town.  This makes it look more real with all the little details of a real neighborhood during Christmas time.  Finally, you add in the little night lights into the houses to light up the windows of the houses.  When its dark you can see the little lights and the town is all lit up.  Now, you have a complete Christmas village that looks so neat.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration because it looks so beautiful when everything is complete.  I love when the lights are on and its dark so you see all the buildings lit up.  Also, the little details looks great to go with all the buildings that are put in a specific place.  I like setting up Christmas villages because it is art to put everything in the right place to make a scene of a wonderful village.  That is why I think this is an art inspiration to everyone because it looks so cool when finished.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights is one of the key things of Christmas.  Many people love to decorate their houses or outside their houses with lights.  Its not Christmas with some kind of lights outside.  I love seeing all the lights that people put outside their lights.  The one’s I especially like are the blocks that have almost every house with lights.  It looks like a beautiful Christmas wonder land.  You can put lights on trees, bushes, houses, etc.  Many people like to put lights on their houses like on the boarders of them.  They look so organized and complete the house with lights around the house.  The other most are trees and bushes and put the lights around them.  I like putting up lights up because it looks so beautiful after everything is complete.  Lights inspire me because it looks so nice when they are all in a band in the dark which lights up the neighborhood.  I think lighting the house is art because of how beautiful it looks in the dark and how people decorate the house to make the light look pretty.  Christmas lights are an inspiration to me and I love the Christmas time to see all the work of art everywhere on the block. 

The Christmas tree is one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas.  There is one in almost every house.  Every family either has a tradition of going out to buy a real tree or put up a fake tree.  For the real tree each family has a specific kind of tree that they either like or want.  Each tree has a different look and style to it.  Then once the family gets the tree they put it inside their home and start to decorate it.  There are many ways to decorate a tree.  One of the main aspects of a Christmas tree are lights and ornaments.  These are the main decorations that most families would like to put on their trees.  Some of these ornaments have meaning to them, and some have been passed down from generation to generation.  The ornaments each have their uniqueness to it with the craftsmanship.  A Christmas tree is finished once everything is on the tree and everything is placed in its spot.  Once the tree is complete it is a wonderful work of art.  This is why I think it is an inspiration to me.  Every tree is a huge piece of art and every one is different art.  The art is the ornaments and the extra things on it like lights, garland, beads, etc.  That is why I think a Christmas tree is art because of all the beautiful things and the tree itself is a work of art.  A Christmas tree is an inspiration to me and an inspiration to all during the Christmas season.  I hope all get the time to decorate a tree with their families.

College Football Uniforms

College football uniforms has changed drastically throughout the years.  The main company who has changed the football uniforms over the last couple years is Nike.  They almost always come out with a new look uniform for some major football program which drastically changing the uniform.  Some people like these uniforms, but others don’t because they interfere with tradition.  Nike likes to use all the colors that match the colors of the college team and use them within the college football uniforms for the Universities.  The first college to probably have multiple uniforms is Oregon because Nike’s CEO graduated from there.  So, Oregon is the poster child for these uniforms.  They like to pick very elaborate colors like Oregon has a like neon yellow green color on their uniforms.  Now, Nike does uniforms for multiple major conference teams throughout the nation.  Some of these color combinations are ones that no one would ever think of to do because they don’t want to change their Universities jerseys ever.  Nike has almost evolved uniforms into a fashion show for football.  I think that some of these jerseys are pretty awesome and love how they transferred the jersey into something different.  This is why I picked this as art because I think its an art to find all these color combinations and make it work right.  This inspires me because anything can have a makeover now even sports jerseys.  I like sports and when there is a change you can notice the change.  Especially when it is a drastic change like Nike likes to do.  So,  I picked this to inspire me as art because of how well Nike portrays the University through these newly make jerseys.

My church is a wonderful architecture on the inside.  This church is a medium to big sized church.  It has a really high ceiling that makes this church very roomy which is probably why it seems so big.  It has wood type pews that are polished.  There are these platform type ceiling tiles on the ceiling.  These ceiling type of tiles look very interesting and I always liked to count them when I was younger.  My church has stained glass windows along the sides of the walls.  Each window has different color glasses in each one which are skinny rectangle for the floor to the ceiling of the church.  They are beautiful when the sun shines through multiple because then there are different color combination within the church.  The other part of the church is the alter area.  This area has marble table tops with a nice gold outside for the frames of the legs to the alter and the outside of the tabernacle.  The last part of the church is all the statues inside the main one being in the center of the wall behind the alter of Jesus.  All these sculptures are beautiful man made wood.  I think my church is an art inspiration because of how beautiful it is on the inside.  It was constructed pretty well with all the elements to a good church inside it.  I picked this as an inspiration because this is the place I am most Sundays and it looks so beautiful from the inside.

Winter snow

The most beautiful time of year is during the winter.  The winter has many areas that can be beautiful.  For example, a person making certain art sculptures out of snow.  That subject is not what I am thinking of.  I am thinking of the art of snow itself.  Snow flakes are pretty awesome if you think of it.  Every snow flake is unique itself.  When hitting the ground many snow flake makes sometimes pure white snow.  When there is a blizzard this white snow gets everywhere on the ground and all you see is white snow.  Its the most prettiest thing I could ever look at pure white snow all over the ground on the trees, houses, etc.  I just looks so pure and amazing that everything is just one color out there in the environment.  I picked this as an inspiration because of how beautiful snow can be.  It just forms out of the sky and then falls on the ground to make white.  I find that amazing how nice the neighborhood looks after a huge blizzard snowfall hitting the ground.  It is just inspiring art that is formed from the weather of snow.

Car colors is not what it used to be.  When the first couple cars came out on the market there was only one color.  It was basically all black cars when the model t-ford came out.  Then came out the basic colors for most cars.  The basic colors for most cars are black and white.  The warm colors like white are usually bought by dealerships in warm weather cities.  Then the primary colors came out to the car world for everyone.  The world of car colors has evolved over past several years.  Now, there are cars with exotic colors for example the lime green color.  There is very much change in colors of cars now not just basic colors but more complex than primary colors.  There is a wide range for car colors for everyone now.  I pick this subject as a work of art because the color scheme.  Color is a key part of art and that is why I picked colors for cars to be an art inspiration.  I love the different colors of cars now.  For, example my car is a different kind of color which is sky blue.  I would have never thought to have a car that color ever, but now I do.  These colors inspires more people to boy their favorite color at the dealership.