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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is one of the most famous buildings in the world.  It is a structure that if you see a picture of it you would know what that is.  It is the most interesting structure I’ve ever seen built.  The shape is almost like an stretched out triangle.  All of the structure is made out of a kind of iron.  It has a wide base on the bottom and looks like a tower on top.  This structure is in Paris the city that is known for their art.

I picked this as art because it is one of the most famous buildings and beautiful structure.  It is so interesting in structure with a lot of cross patterns in the iron.  It looks so beautiful when it is lit up too.  That is another thing I like about the Eiffel tower when it is lit up at night it looks so cool.  I picked this because it has a great structure and that is the art itself for me.  I think this inspires me because of how famous it is and the beautiful structure it has. 


A simple rose has a lot of art to it.  There are many meaning to a rose.  It is the most beautiful thing when it is full.  Roses can have many different colors to them.  A rose is a simple act of also saying I love you to someone.  It has a special meaning to people because it is so beautiful.  I think the rose is the most popular flower out there in the world.  Many people love the rose that is why I picked it as a piece of art.  The rose is art within itself.  The elegance of its pedals and whatever the color is.  The rose also has a good smell to it.  It has a lot of art with the color, the elegance, and also love art.  Roses are an inspiration to anyone and has a lot of history with is background to people.  That is why I picked this flower to be an art inspiration to me.

Georges Seurat is a famous artist who painted famous paintings.  He is a post french impressionist painter.  His most famous painting is A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jette.   This painting is based on this technique he did called pointillism.  This art called pointillism is how he became a famous painter.  This art is painting by only putting points of paint on at a time.  He made several paintings by using this technique all by putting dots of paint all over the canvas making a picture.  I think this is amazing and cannot think of how perfect these paints must have had to be.  I have the picture of his famous painting on here. 

I was inspired by this art piece because it is so detailed all by paintings dots all over the canvas.  This painting is huge too and I think must of taken him days maybe even months to finish.  Each dot has to be in one specific play.  This painting has a lot of different colors in it too.  I have studied him in my grade school art class.  We did a project trying to do what he did.  It does need to be very detailed and each dot has to be in the spot you want it to be.  I just am in awe of how he painted these painting like that.  Therefore, I am inspired by this art piece he put together.


This picture is a picture of a sunset that I took.  I love sunsets and think that this is nature’s art, which is all around us.  Sunsets has many different kinds of colors to it.  It depends on where you are for what color you can get.  The place in this picture is on the ocean.  The sunset has a cool effect on water.  The reflection on the water makes this picture a work of art.  It is kind of like the picture I described the blog before.  With the reflection on the water it creates a cool effect with the sun’s color.  Even though this is a clear white sun color, I still like the effect of the picture.  I like different colors on art.  This is why I picked this picture to inspire me because of the cool color that has effect in the sky and on the water.  I hope everyone else sees my viewpoint with these kinds of photos. 

Lake Patten

This is a picture of across my cottage lake.  My mother took this picture when she was up there during the fall.  There are a lot of trees up there.  So, of course there are many colors of trees around the lake.  I like this picture because of these colors and the reflection of the trees.  The reflection has a cool look to this pictures.  This is almost like an abstract look to the trees inside the water.  I think this is art because it is a cool picture with many different colors and some abstract art to it.  I think any picture that has some interest is art.  I especially like this one because of how it is laid out.  This is a nice picture of many different color trees and like how the reflection looks which is why I thought this was a piece of art.

This video is a music video of my brother’s own band.  It’s not really an official music video he just put some video coverage and their music together.  My brother, Joe, created his own band and has composed different songs.  He is the singer in his band.  He created this music video this summer.  Putting it together for his first band music video.  The video part is from a long time ago and it is just footage from Milwaukee.  He drove downtown Milwaukee and his camera was kinda messed up so that is why you see blurry images sometimes.  Then he made the music to the video, well tried.  However, he did do a good job with it.

I consider this art because of how he put the whole music video thing together.  I love the sequences in the video and how it corresponds to the music.  I think this is art because it is not easy to create music with certain videos.  I like the video because of its randomness and some of it is like abstract art.  The fuzziness to the video creates a certain art to music video.  Next, I like how the music really flows with the video.  The video goes with the moving of the vehicle and when music changes the speed of the car changes sometimes.  I love how my brother created this music and video together to create a form of art through a music video.

Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art museum has a interesting look to its design.  The architectural design to this museum is very unique.  The architecture who made this design is Santiago Calatrava.  His designs have stylized natural objects in them.  This art museum pavilion   has many different curves and shapes in it.  The design looks like a ship with a sail.  Although there is one part of this that is different to a ship.  This “wing” is on top of the building that can spread out like wings to protect the building from sun.  The art museum is a key part of the Milwaukee lake front.  It is like a art sculpture in its look to it.  It is pure white and has a bunch of windows in the pavilion.

I like this design because it has a very different look to all the other aspects of Milwaukee.  I picked this because I love to look a different architecture designs.  This is a very different design in Milwaukee and love to see how this looks exactly like a ship.  Also I like that there is moving part to it with the wings on top of the art museum.  I think this design has the most interesting design to it and looks cool close to the lake.  Especially when it looks like a ship close to the water.  I picked the art museum because it has the most interesting architect in Milwaukee and looks really cool.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is famous for his unusual painting technique.  Pollock is an abstract painter and was a part of the abstract movement.  He is the artist of what people call splatter paint.  This painting technique is to just pour, drip, etc paint onto a canvas.  He used many different instruments to help him create his works of art.  For example, hardened brushes and sticks to slop onto the canvas.  This painting I have put on the blog is part of this technique.  He has multiple different types of colors that were splattered on top of each other.

I picked this painting and artist because I knew about him before.  I liked his style because it has the most random , yet good effect to a painting.  It is abstract and has randomness to it.  Every little line and texture has a different style to it.  That different style of texture, thickness, where on the painting is why his paintings are so good.  We used his style in a theater performance show.  It has a real lasting effect especially with the lines being on white background.  The effect was really cool and we owe credit to Pollock style.  I love the randomness to the style and has a lasting effect to the painting.

Click here for Jackson Pollock website.  The top of the page lets you create your own splatter page if you click the mouse a new color will appear.

Oregon’s Court Design

This is Oregon University’s basketball court.  The court has a very interesting design to it.  If you don’t look at this very closely you would just see they just blob something on the court.  It looks very strange at first look.  However, if you look at it closely you will see many different trees all the way around the court.  So, the court is like a forest or the deep woods.

I picked this as an art piece because you never see something like this within a basketball court.  I like this design because it is very different pattern on a basketball court.  It has a very elaborate look to it and is a very different look for a basketball court.  The different design for a basketball court is why i like this and think this is a work of art.


My name is Tony Kovochich.  I will be posting various works of “art” that inspires me.  I hope all of you enjoy what I will post.