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My Art Project

This is a picture of the last part of my second project for the fall semester.  Our project that we had to do is to get an object or picture of an object and crop it.  The last couple steps were to crop it so much that you are not able to see the original object in the picture.  Well I took that to heart in the final step when we could add full color to the object.  I tried to make it as different as possible and I think I did a pretty good job with that.  I found a few interesting things as I did this.  I turned a few things into whole different situation.  I turned the tree branches into a, what it looks like, snake type creature.  I thought this was an interesting idea for me to do and I loved how this creature turned out.  I wanted to try to make the scene act like it was under water since the background is a blue color.  So, the rest of the picture is in orange, yellow and some red.  These colors act like they are under the sea colors.  I like how this project turned out which is why it inspires me.  It inspires me that I can create whole new art from just one picture of a tree.  I find that really amazing how that works.  That is why I picked this as art inspiration because it inspires me to do more art and create different things.  Through art I can express what I am seeing in a picture and make it into what I see in my eyes.  Click on link to see photo in pdf file. Project 2 Step 6


This is the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.  I have been there a few times and is probably the most beautiful monument that I have seen.  There is a couple beautiful water fountains within the monument.  I think this is the best part of the monument, but not the only good part.  Surrounding these water fountains are pillars around in a circle.  These pillars each have a individual state on them.  Also, I has a wreathe sculpture on each pillar.  These all look crafted very well.  This monument is the newest monument in Washington D.C out of all the war memorials.  It looks pretty cool when lit up with a lot of lighting that is well crafted.  This is why I picked this to inspire me because of how well everything is crafted.  Also, for what it represents for all the people who died and suffered in World War II.  I picked this as a piece of art because the beautiful granite pillars and the water fountains within the middle of this design.

This is a museum made in Los Angeles, California.  It is set on a hill and the coolest museum I’ve ever seen.  This is an art museum, but it has a lot more to an art museum.  Although everything is considered art in here.  The Getty has paintings and sculptures inside and out.  Some of the museum is inside and some is outside.  Another portion of the Getty is the garden which has a lot of pretty flowers and in the center a pond with a water fall and a flower bush maze type thing in the middle of the pond.  The architect who made this loved pure white.  So, mainly everything at the Getty even the flooring is pure white.  The inside of the Getty has sculptures and paintings from a variety of cultures and people.  So, the Getty center has everything for an artist to appreciate. 

I picked this to inspire me because I’ve been there a few times and like keep going there.  I can find something new I haven’t seen every time I go there.  The buildings themselves are really beautiful.  I love going here to just take pictures of flowers in the garden.  I’ve taken loads of pictures at the Getty and every time I have something different.  It just is a wonderful place to go to with all the art within its boundaries.  Even the outside of its boundaries you see all of Los Angeles because you are on a hill.  Just the Getty Center all of it is a work of art that inspires me.  That is why I picked this to inspire me through all the art that is in the Getty Center.

Disney Concert Hall

This is Disney concert hall.  It is in Los Angeles, California.  I think this is the most interesting building I’ve ever seen.  Most of it is made of glass panels.  So, sometimes the sun reflects on these glass panels and gets on the windows of certain other buildings.  Each panel has a smooth curve to it.  These glass panels are like mirrors so everything is a silver color.  I love how the curves are in each panel.  This is what I think makes this architect unique because of how different it is.  Each panel is placed in a certain spot to make it taller each time and each has its own thickness.  It doesn’t even look like anything could even be in that architecture.  That’s how weird and different this building is.  I think its because its a Disney building and Disney likes to be unique within itself.  I picked this to inspire me because of how cool the panels have an effect on it.  The curves and each one being unique in each way.  That is why this inspires me because of the difference the building has an effect on the concert hall. 

This paintings was painted by Pablo Picasoo.  This is a painting of 3 musicians playing their instruments.  I like this painting because its not your basic painting.  It has a lot of effects to it.  It looks like a lot of shapes to for one painting.  Although there aren’t a lot of shapes in this painting.  The painting just looks like a lot of shapes because of the different colors in between each other.  However it just has a background and a couple foreground figures around this background.  Also a foreground in one person might be a background for another one.  I like this painting because of this effect.  I loved how he created this with one person forming something for another person like I mentioned before.  This is why I am inspired by this painting because of all the shapes forming one.  I like shapes forming into an object especially when it makes many shapes for one paintings.  That is why I picked this to be an inspiration art work for me.

This painting was painted by Van Gogh.  He is a famous painter who was in the post-impressionist era.  His work is often with bold color that has a rough beauty to it.  This painting was painted outside of his bed room that he looked out during the night.  I think it is a more of an abstract version of his city.  He adds a lot of swirls into the night sky.  It add a lot of effect to the sky.  Also, each star has that effect with the glow of each star around them.  This painting looks really cool with all these effects.

I picked this because it is a famous painting I’ve seen around my life a lot.  I like this painting because of how cool it looks.  I like the color of the painting the blue with dark colors.  The colors add the effect to the night sky.  The swirls in the sky makes it a kind of a dreary effect to it.  This paintings just looks so cool to me and I love to color.  That is why I picked this painting as an inspiration to me because of how cool he mixed the colors in it.

Brother’s Painting

This is a painting that my brother did.  All of his paintings has some kind of effect like this with multiple layers of color.  He likes to paint with one color then add white to it to add a cool effect to his paintings.  In this painting he painted over a picture frame.  He has a lot of paintings like this one.  I like his paintings because of the layers of same color with squiggling lines.  This painting has that effect but kinda swirling in the painting.  If you look closely you will see a face in the painting.  He meant to make one simple face in the painting but when I look at it i see many different faces in this painting.  I call it the faces painting.  I like my brother’s paintings he creates them out of nowhere and he just thinks to spatter some paint on a canvas and create something cool.  His paintings inspire me to create my own paintings.  That is why I picked one of my brothers paintings as a art inspiration to me. 

The Birds Nest

This is the Olympic stadium at Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.  This has an interesting architect for this stadium.  It is built with all steel.  Each steel beam is crossed with another on the outside of the stadium.  These are all the same color.  It looks very interesting because of all these aspects.  It is called the birds nest because it looks like what a bird would make a nest out of sticks with.  I just think that it is amazing how anyone can design this type of building.  That is why I picked this as an art inspiration because of how good this structure was built.  Each steel pillar has to be in an exact spot to make this look what it looks likes.  I love the look it is not a traditional outside of a stadium and it makes it look huge.  Also the stadium looks cool when the light shines through these beams.  I picked this because of how cool it looks from the outside and how amazing anyone could think of something like that.

Fall Trees

The best time of the year for mother earth art is fall.  Everything changes when it comes to fall.  The best part of this season is the changing color of trees.  There are different kinds of colors that all look awesome.  The best way to see these trees is going on a nature trail walk or a drive through many different trees.  Especially when they are in packs next to each other and one each one has a different color.  The best colors are the bright colors like red, yellow, and orange.  These stick out and have a really colorful effect to earth.  I picked this to be an inspiration because of how beautiful they are.  I can’t help but take a picture of many colorful trees out there in nature.  Trees are very cool when you find them in the right spot and grouped together.  I think this is the best time of year because of how beautiful the trees can be.

In the Heights Set

In the Heights is a musical that started on Broadway.


I think musical sets are a work of art.  This set is very well done.  I love how realistic it is.  I like the whole set up of the stage.  It really looks like that you are in Washington Heights neighborhood.  I don’t know what it looks like but it looks very well done overall.  It has buildings that have shops on bottom and apartments on top.  The set really looks like apartments.  The other part of the set I really enjoy is the bridge in the center part of the stage.  It has a really nice effect in the background.  Especially when you can change lights as if the sky was changing in the back of the bridge.  I think this is a piece of art because of how realistic the street of Washington Heights it resembles.  I always will love a good musical set.  Especially this musical the scenery with the stage lighting looks amazing.  That is why I picked this set as a work of art that inspires me.