Car colors is not what it used to be.  When the first couple cars came out on the market there was only one color.  It was basically all black cars when the model t-ford came out.  Then came out the basic colors for most cars.  The basic colors for most cars are black and white.  The warm colors like white are usually bought by dealerships in warm weather cities.  Then the primary colors came out to the car world for everyone.  The world of car colors has evolved over past several years.  Now, there are cars with exotic colors for example the lime green color.  There is very much change in colors of cars now not just basic colors but more complex than primary colors.  There is a wide range for car colors for everyone now.  I pick this subject as a work of art because the color scheme.  Color is a key part of art and that is why I picked colors for cars to be an art inspiration.  I love the different colors of cars now.  For, example my car is a different kind of color which is sky blue.  I would have never thought to have a car that color ever, but now I do.  These colors inspires more people to boy their favorite color at the dealership.