The most beautiful time of year is during the winter.  The winter has many areas that can be beautiful.  For example, a person making certain art sculptures out of snow.  That subject is not what I am thinking of.  I am thinking of the art of snow itself.  Snow flakes are pretty awesome if you think of it.  Every snow flake is unique itself.  When hitting the ground many snow flake makes sometimes pure white snow.  When there is a blizzard this white snow gets everywhere on the ground and all you see is white snow.  Its the most prettiest thing I could ever look at pure white snow all over the ground on the trees, houses, etc.  I just looks so pure and amazing that everything is just one color out there in the environment.  I picked this as an inspiration because of how beautiful snow can be.  It just forms out of the sky and then falls on the ground to make white.  I find that amazing how nice the neighborhood looks after a huge blizzard snowfall hitting the ground.  It is just inspiring art that is formed from the weather of snow.