College football uniforms has changed drastically throughout the years.  The main company who has changed the football uniforms over the last couple years is Nike.  They almost always come out with a new look uniform for some major football program which drastically changing the uniform.  Some people like these uniforms, but others don’t because they interfere with tradition.  Nike likes to use all the colors that match the colors of the college team and use them within the college football uniforms for the Universities.  The first college to probably have multiple uniforms is Oregon because Nike’s CEO graduated from there.  So, Oregon is the poster child for these uniforms.  They like to pick very elaborate colors like Oregon has a like neon yellow green color on their uniforms.  Now, Nike does uniforms for multiple major conference teams throughout the nation.  Some of these color combinations are ones that no one would ever think of to do because they don’t want to change their Universities jerseys ever.  Nike has almost evolved uniforms into a fashion show for football.  I think that some of these jerseys are pretty awesome and love how they transferred the jersey into something different.  This is why I picked this as art because I think its an art to find all these color combinations and make it work right.  This inspires me because anything can have a makeover now even sports jerseys.  I like sports and when there is a change you can notice the change.  Especially when it is a drastic change like Nike likes to do.  So,  I picked this to inspire me as art because of how well Nike portrays the University through these newly make jerseys.