My church is a wonderful architecture on the inside.  This church is a medium to big sized church.  It has a really high ceiling that makes this church very roomy which is probably why it seems so big.  It has wood type pews that are polished.  There are these platform type ceiling tiles on the ceiling.  These ceiling type of tiles look very interesting and I always liked to count them when I was younger.  My church has stained glass windows along the sides of the walls.  Each window has different color glasses in each one which are skinny rectangle for the floor to the ceiling of the church.  They are beautiful when the sun shines through multiple because then there are different color combination within the church.  The other part of the church is the alter area.  This area has marble table tops with a nice gold outside for the frames of the legs to the alter and the outside of the tabernacle.  The last part of the church is all the statues inside the main one being in the center of the wall behind the alter of Jesus.  All these sculptures are beautiful man made wood.  I think my church is an art inspiration because of how beautiful it is on the inside.  It was constructed pretty well with all the elements to a good church inside it.  I picked this as an inspiration because this is the place I am most Sundays and it looks so beautiful from the inside.