Christmas lights is one of the key things of Christmas.  Many people love to decorate their houses or outside their houses with lights.  Its not Christmas with some kind of lights outside.  I love seeing all the lights that people put outside their lights.  The one’s I especially like are the blocks that have almost every house with lights.  It looks like a beautiful Christmas wonder land.  You can put lights on trees, bushes, houses, etc.  Many people like to put lights on their houses like on the boarders of them.  They look so organized and complete the house with lights around the house.  The other most are trees and bushes and put the lights around them.  I like putting up lights up because it looks so beautiful after everything is complete.  Lights inspire me because it looks so nice when they are all in a band in the dark which lights up the neighborhood.  I think lighting the house is art because of how beautiful it looks in the dark and how people decorate the house to make the light look pretty.  Christmas lights are an inspiration to me and I love the Christmas time to see all the work of art everywhere on the block.