The Christmas tree is one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas.  There is one in almost every house.  Every family either has a tradition of going out to buy a real tree or put up a fake tree.  For the real tree each family has a specific kind of tree that they either like or want.  Each tree has a different look and style to it.  Then once the family gets the tree they put it inside their home and start to decorate it.  There are many ways to decorate a tree.  One of the main aspects of a Christmas tree are lights and ornaments.  These are the main decorations that most families would like to put on their trees.  Some of these ornaments have meaning to them, and some have been passed down from generation to generation.  The ornaments each have their uniqueness to it with the craftsmanship.  A Christmas tree is finished once everything is on the tree and everything is placed in its spot.  Once the tree is complete it is a wonderful work of art.  This is why I think it is an inspiration to me.  Every tree is a huge piece of art and every one is different art.  The art is the ornaments and the extra things on it like lights, garland, beads, etc.  That is why I think a Christmas tree is art because of all the beautiful things and the tree itself is a work of art.  A Christmas tree is an inspiration to me and an inspiration to all during the Christmas season.  I hope all get the time to decorate a tree with their families.