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Computers have changes throughout the years.  At first computers were the biggest things you’ve ever seen.  From the portable to the personal desktop they were huge.  Throughout the years the computer has changed for the better.  Certain computers got a little less bigger .  The design of computers now are slick and slim.  The designers of computers are brilliant.  Now computers are super skinny from before.  Even now they are still getting skinnier by the year.  Now we don’t have to lug around a huge laptop or use half a desk up for a desktop computer.  I find that amazing how technology has emerged for computers over the past several years.  Even the keys to the keyboard have certainly changes drastically.  I appreciate the designers as artists to make the computers different over the years.  The other artistic things that computers have are colors.  Especially laptops have many different colors on them.  You can create many different designs on the exterior of the laptop now.  That is very art inspiration to many people now.  They can have their favorite colors or favorite design that they want.  Many art aspects are on the exterior of the laptops.  I think the other art aspect of computers is how they are designed.  That is art itself they are so nice looking and built for modern day use now.  They don’t take up a lot of room and you can personalize it now to what you want.  The most art inspiration anyone can have is their own personal computer.  There are many art aspects of the computer now in modern day computers and that is why I picked this as an art inspiration. 


I have seen many mountains in my lifetime.  There are so many out there in the country.  They are the biggest hill type areas ever.  Each mountain has a different characteristic that makes it its own.  Many of them have lots of trees and fur trees within the hills.  Out of these many mountains the ones I have seen the most are the rocky mountains.  They are one of the largest mountains in the United States.  There are so many cool characteristics that I’ve seen in here.  The trees and the land with multiple mountains behind each other.  It just looks so awesome in person.  I have seen these many times when I was younger because I have been on train rides through the rocky mountains several times.  There are several lakes that you can see in these which are so beautiful.  The lakes look pure blue and looks so nice with the mountains around it.  I loved passing through the rocky mountains.  They look pretty and have a pure art feel to them.  The other cool parts about mountains are when there is snow caps on them.  Snow is pretty itself and put that in with the mountains you have wonderful art combinations.  That is why I think mountains are art inspiration because of the many elements that are so pretty.  The mountains, trees, lakes, snow, etc make it an art inspiration together.  That is why I think mountains are art because they have so many beautiful elements inside them.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field is one of the most famous NFL stadiums in the league.  It is one of the oldest stadiums out there too.  However, it has changes throughout the generations.  Now it is a beautiful stadium that was renovated.  The inside is still the most historic bowl ever.  The bowl is dug into the ground and all around the stadium until the box seats.  Right now its probably the only stadium with just a bowl in the NFL, everyone else has at lease some upper deck seats.  So, the inside is the best experience of any stadium for fans and players.  The outside now is really beautiful.  The outside has a brick all around the outside.  This beautiful brick outside matches an old style like stadium look.  It has the packers logo etched into some stone in pillars around the stadium.  The inside also has a new atrium in it which is also beautiful.  Lambeau Field is a work of art within itself.  That is why thousands to millions of people visit it every day and because of its historic past.  I think this stadium is an inspiration to go see for anyone who loves football.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration to me because it is art that everyone has to see.  It is a beautiful stadium inside to out.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration for art.


Yet again with another Christmas thing.  It is the Christmas time of season now.  Lots of people decorate their houses for the Christmas season.  One thing that you may see in someone’s home is Christmas villages.  These are little model houses that portray houses, stores, churches, etc.  You set up these houses to form a little village with often a lot of snow on the ground.  People like my mom can paint these houses with craft paint to add the details to some that aren’t already color.  Then you set up all these little buildings in order and it looks so cool.  Next you have little figures, trees, objects, etc to finish off the town.  This makes it look more real with all the little details of a real neighborhood during Christmas time.  Finally, you add in the little night lights into the houses to light up the windows of the houses.  When its dark you can see the little lights and the town is all lit up.  Now, you have a complete Christmas village that looks so neat.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration because it looks so beautiful when everything is complete.  I love when the lights are on and its dark so you see all the buildings lit up.  Also, the little details looks great to go with all the buildings that are put in a specific place.  I like setting up Christmas villages because it is art to put everything in the right place to make a scene of a wonderful village.  That is why I think this is an art inspiration to everyone because it looks so cool when finished.