Yet again with another Christmas thing.  It is the Christmas time of season now.  Lots of people decorate their houses for the Christmas season.  One thing that you may see in someone’s home is Christmas villages.  These are little model houses that portray houses, stores, churches, etc.  You set up these houses to form a little village with often a lot of snow on the ground.  People like my mom can paint these houses with craft paint to add the details to some that aren’t already color.  Then you set up all these little buildings in order and it looks so cool.  Next you have little figures, trees, objects, etc to finish off the town.  This makes it look more real with all the little details of a real neighborhood during Christmas time.  Finally, you add in the little night lights into the houses to light up the windows of the houses.  When its dark you can see the little lights and the town is all lit up.  Now, you have a complete Christmas village that looks so neat.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration because it looks so beautiful when everything is complete.  I love when the lights are on and its dark so you see all the buildings lit up.  Also, the little details looks great to go with all the buildings that are put in a specific place.  I like setting up Christmas villages because it is art to put everything in the right place to make a scene of a wonderful village.  That is why I think this is an art inspiration to everyone because it looks so cool when finished.