Lambeau Field is one of the most famous NFL stadiums in the league.  It is one of the oldest stadiums out there too.  However, it has changes throughout the generations.  Now it is a beautiful stadium that was renovated.  The inside is still the most historic bowl ever.  The bowl is dug into the ground and all around the stadium until the box seats.  Right now its probably the only stadium with just a bowl in the NFL, everyone else has at lease some upper deck seats.  So, the inside is the best experience of any stadium for fans and players.  The outside now is really beautiful.  The outside has a brick all around the outside.  This beautiful brick outside matches an old style like stadium look.  It has the packers logo etched into some stone in pillars around the stadium.  The inside also has a new atrium in it which is also beautiful.  Lambeau Field is a work of art within itself.  That is why thousands to millions of people visit it every day and because of its historic past.  I think this stadium is an inspiration to go see for anyone who loves football.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration to me because it is art that everyone has to see.  It is a beautiful stadium inside to out.  That is why I picked this as an inspiration for art.