Computers have changes throughout the years.  At first computers were the biggest things you’ve ever seen.  From the portable to the personal desktop they were huge.  Throughout the years the computer has changed for the better.  Certain computers got a little less bigger .  The design of computers now are slick and slim.  The designers of computers are brilliant.  Now computers are super skinny from before.  Even now they are still getting skinnier by the year.  Now we don’t have to lug around a huge laptop or use half a desk up for a desktop computer.  I find that amazing how technology has emerged for computers over the past several years.  Even the keys to the keyboard have certainly changes drastically.  I appreciate the designers as artists to make the computers different over the years.  The other artistic things that computers have are colors.  Especially laptops have many different colors on them.  You can create many different designs on the exterior of the laptop now.  That is very art inspiration to many people now.  They can have their favorite colors or favorite design that they want.  Many art aspects are on the exterior of the laptops.  I think the other art aspect of computers is how they are designed.  That is art itself they are so nice looking and built for modern day use now.  They don’t take up a lot of room and you can personalize it now to what you want.  The most art inspiration anyone can have is their own personal computer.  There are many art aspects of the computer now in modern day computers and that is why I picked this as an art inspiration.