I have seen many mountains in my lifetime.  There are so many out there in the country.  They are the biggest hill type areas ever.  Each mountain has a different characteristic that makes it its own.  Many of them have lots of trees and fur trees within the hills.  Out of these many mountains the ones I have seen the most are the rocky mountains.  They are one of the largest mountains in the United States.  There are so many cool characteristics that I’ve seen in here.  The trees and the land with multiple mountains behind each other.  It just looks so awesome in person.  I have seen these many times when I was younger because I have been on train rides through the rocky mountains several times.  There are several lakes that you can see in these which are so beautiful.  The lakes look pure blue and looks so nice with the mountains around it.  I loved passing through the rocky mountains.  They look pretty and have a pure art feel to them.  The other cool parts about mountains are when there is snow caps on them.  Snow is pretty itself and put that in with the mountains you have wonderful art combinations.  That is why I think mountains are art inspiration because of the many elements that are so pretty.  The mountains, trees, lakes, snow, etc make it an art inspiration together.  That is why I think mountains are art because they have so many beautiful elements inside them.